Welcome to Productive Break!

Welcome to Productive Break!

Hi, my name is Rushvi (pronounced roosh-vee)! Welcome to Productive Break.

On this website, I write articles about productivity that I have found helpful throughout years of school and work experiences. If you are looking to find ways to be more efficient and consistently finish important tasks, you’ll feel right at home here.

I am an optometry student in my twenties, so I know how important it is to work smarter, not harder. I want to help you learn how to manage both your time and energy with the best strategies and tools. This is a community aimed towards mindful productivity, better thinking, and continuous learning.

I will be posting a new article each week, so be sure to come back often and subscribe to my newsletter, Tuesday's Tackling Tasks! I write a short weekly email newsletter containing a few bonus tips along with the new post. I promise to never send you any unnecessary emails because that goes against being productive in the first place!

Get in touch with me! If you’ve got a question or message, please comment on the post or send me a message on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook (@productivebreak).

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