How to Type at Lightning Speed

Typing faster forces you to be more focused. When you are focused and using more rapid typing techniques, it is harder to come out of that productivity mode.

How to Type at Lightning Speed

In today’s modern era of technology, typing has become a fundamental skill — one of the most important computer skills a person can learn. If you can type fast and accurately, you gain an enormous advantage over someone who needs to actively think about making their way across the keyboard.

Doubling your typing speed will likely help you get twice as much done in the same amount of time. In addition to this benefit, I like to view typing in terms of focus. Fast typing forces you to be more focused. When you are focused and using faster typing techniques, you are less likely to think about checking emails or switching tasks. Therefore, typing speed indirectly relates to productivity.

For example, when you develop the skill of typing faster, you will not have to look at the keyboard and think about where your fingers need to go. Once you are typing faster, you will look directly at the screen and your fingers will type without making a conscious effort to think about the movements. Each time you look down and to try and find a key, you lose concentration. So typing faster allows you to focus more on what you are trying to say rather than the actual letters.

Color-coded keyboard
Color-coded keyboard from OnlineTyping

Here is a simple color-coded keyboard from OnlineTyping that shows which fingers are responsible for each key. I would recommend printing it out and hanging it above your desk. Use it as a guide and just glance at it for a few minutes each day.

In addition to this guide, there are a plethora of free typing trainers online. is a popular, free typing program that has motivational tools, fun games, progress tracking, and shows your most problematic keys. RataType is another free option that has a modern design and allows competition between groups.

Learning to type faster is an essential skill that I highly recommend learning. Even though more of us are using voice commands on our phones and computers, typing still plays an important role in our lives. Here's another way to think about it: if you spend one hour a day typing at work or school, doubling your typing speed will save you 30 minutes every day.

Anyone can increase their typing speed with a little bit of dedication and practice! If you start learning today, you can enjoy all the benefits that faster typing brings in just a short amount of time.

Do you think increasing your typing speed will increase your productivity? Let me know in the comments!