Window Openers vs. Door Knockers

There are two types of people in this world: window openers and door knockers. Both types make decisions very differently, so find out which one you are!

Window Openers vs. Door Knockers

I came across one of my all-time favorite analogies last year while listening to a podcast. I think about this analogy at least once a week because it resonated so deeply with me.

The podcast episode hosts talked about how there are two types of people: "door knockers" and "window openers." When making decisions about what to do with their time and energy, the latter want to be able to look through a "window" and then decide. If they see the outcome they want, they open the window and step through.

However, for most good things in life, the path to success is not so straightforward. Often times, there are not many open windows with golden outcomes clearly visible on the other side. The uncertainty of not knowing is what paralyzes people to take the extra step to explore more. Not being able to "see" a guaranteed outcome discourages people from taking that risk.

Instead, the best outcomes are often hidden behind closed doors. We need to knock and open many different "doors" to see what is behind each one. Compared to window openers, door knockers are the ones who take different opportunities. There may not be immediate, guaranteed returns, but they will go for it anyway and use it as a learning opportunity.

Door knockers dabble in many opportunities that increase their leverage. For example, they meet people, learn new skills, speak at events, start a YouTube channel, and more. A single one of these might not lead to a "good" outcome, but door knockers increase the surface area for potential positive outcomes.

Continue looking through windows and go for what you want, but make sure there are plenty of doors to increase the number of productive results in your life!

When making decisions about what to do, are you a window opener or a door knocker?